At TNC Electronics we aim to deliver a wide range of services as well as our standard products. We are dedicated to providing solutions for a variety of applications, and at all times ensuring high quality, accuracy and service. For more information on any of the services listed below please contact us.

Automotive Products

TNC Electronics design and manufacture a variety of sensors used in the Automotive Design, Development & Testing industry. We also have vast experience in strain gauging a wide range of different components used in Automotive Testing.

Examples include:

  • Impact measuring systems
  • Seat belt tension transducers
  • Strain gauged cylinder head tension bolts
  • Strain gauged dummy leg members
  • Head form load cells
  • Strain gauged gear box
  • Strain gauged chassis
Automotive Load Cell


Our calibration facilities are used to provide conformance documentation for all our products and repaired items. It is also regularly used by other manufacturers as well as research establishments. All of our staff are trained to use the equipment safely and accurately.

Our facilities include:

  • A 0 – 3000 kN compression rig
  • A 0 – 25 Tonne tension rig
  • Pressure testing equipment
  • Torque testing equipment

We can provide proof loading, full scale loading, and stepped calibrations to meet any requirements. We can issue calibration certificates showing linearity and hysteresis curves as required.

All of our calibration equipment is traceable to national standards through a UKAS Accredited Laboratory.


TNC Electronics can offer a wide range of Load Cells for hire. Our rental fleet includes:

  • Load Links
  • Load Shackles
  • Compression Cells
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Telemetry Cells

All of our hire equipment is regularly serviced and maintained, and all goods are annually calibrated.

Load Cell Hire
Load Cell Accessories

Load Cell Accessories

TNC Electronics can offer a wide range of fixtures & fittings to meet almost any requirement, such as:
  • Eye-bolts
  • Shackles
  • Nuts
  • Studding
  • Cable

We also offer a variety of electronics and accessories to meet the needs and specifications of the customer, such as:

  • Handheld indicators
  • Panel mount indicators
  • Amplifiers
  • In-cell amplifiers
  • Digital outputs
  • Junction boxes
  • Bridge completion

Load Cell Repair

TNC Electronics has the capability and expertise to repair and calibrate most makes of load cell. We can offer an independent evaluation load cell repair service. Most types of strain gauge load cell transducers can be repaired and calibrated. If the cell is either damaged beyond repair or is not cost effective to repair we will offer a competitive priced replacement or equivalent.

Our calibration equipment is calibrated by an UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory, therefor traceable to National Standards.

Load Cell Repair
Subsea Compression Cell

Specialist Design and Manufacture

TNC Electronics has the ability to design and manufacture load cells to meet the customer’s total requirements. The design could range from a simple tension or compression cell through to bi-axial or tri-axial arrangement. Capacities may be from a few grams up to over 1000 tonne. We understand that the strain gauge transducer has to be designed to meet the specification required but also complement the assembly that it is to fit within.

During any stage of design, manufacture, or service work we guarantee there will be total confidentiality between us and the customer.

Strain Gauging

TNC Electronics offers a Strain Gauging service that is used by research institutions, automotive test houses, and civil engineers for various structural integrity, force measurement and stress analysis purposes, or on customer supplied components or load cells.

Our highly skilled staff have many years experience in strain gauge technology, using their expertise to select the correct gauges and adhesives to produce accurate and repeatable results. We work with the customer to determine the correct configuration of gauges for the particular application.

From one-offs to multiple components, we guarantee the same high quality service and workmanship as our own strain gauged products.

Strain Gauged Bolts