TNC Electronics was established in 1989 to provide a design service where clients worked with us to achieve an exact solution to their force pressure measurement problems. This frequently resulted in the application of strain cells and special enclosures to abnormal situations. Now, some years on, the company has added to its initial wealth of experience. It has grown to be a significant organisation offering high quality services to a wide range of customers in areas not usually considered by other manufacturers.

We also supply a comprehensive range of standard products suitable for most applications together with advice on their use and installation. We can design computer based processing electronics, built and programmed to suit the precise requirements of the application and its data presentation.

TNC Electronics is a strain gauge repair and calibration centre. Most types of strain gauge transducers can be repaired or if not, replaced with an equivalent component. Our calibration facilities are used to provide conformance documentation for all our products and repaired items. Our calibration equipment is traceable to national standards through a UKAS Accredited Laboratory. It is regularly used by other manufacturers as well as research establishments.

TNC Electronics is a dynamic company dedicated to providing high quality products and services to its customers. If you have a force or pressure measurement requirement, please contact us for free and friendly advice.

Strain Gauging