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TNC Electronics Limited design and manufacture precision load cells and force measurement equipment. Our products have been developed and rigorously tested to ensure reliability and accuracy for a wide range of applications. Our load cells are suitable for a variety of static or dynamic loads; measuring compression, tension, torque and pressure. We manufacture transducers for measuring loads of 1 kg up to and over 1000 Tonnes. As well as our standard products we also provide a specialist design and manufacturing service, working with customers to design load cells for specific or specialist measurement situations. We also offer a strain gauging service, so that existing components can be used. Visit our services page for more information. Our load cells and strain gauging services have been used in industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, marine, oil & gas, construction, research & development. Applications have included: impact testing systems, crane safety, belt weighing systems and mooring load monitoring.

TNC Electronics is a dynamic company dedicated to providing high quality products and services to its customers. If you have a force or pressure measurement requirement, please contact us for free and friendly advice.

Our Services

Load Cell Repair

TNC Electronics has the capability and expertise to repair and calibrate most makes of load cell. We can offer an independent evaluation load cell repair service...


Our calibration facilities are used to provide conformance documentation for all our products and repaired items. It is also regularly used by other manufacturers as well as research establishments...

Strain Gauging

TNC Electronics offers a Strain Gauging service that is used by research institutions, automotive test houses, and civil engineers for various structural integrity, force measurement and stress analysis purposes...

Our Products

Telemetry Load Shackle Load Cells

Standard Load Cells

TNC Electronics Ltd design and manufacture Load Cells for a wide variety of weighing equipment, force measurement, and industrial systems. We stock a wide range of standard load cells to suit most applications. Various sizes and capacities are available.

Special Load Cells

Special Load Cells

TNC Electronics has the ability to design and manufacture load cells to meet the customer’s total requirements. We understand that the transducer has to be designed to meet the specification required but also complement the assembly that it is to fit within.


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